Getting Your Home Painted During Winter? Here’s How to Do It

Painting your home’s exteriors and interiors are usually done on clear and sunny days during warm seasons like spring or summer. But to have it done during winter is never really thought of, which is understandable because of the colder weather.

However, it’s still possible to paint your exteriors, though it should be done by trusted painting and siding contractors who have the experience necessary to paint homes during winter.

Painting Your Home’s Exteriors

When it comes to exterior painting in winter, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the temperature. Most painting professionals agree that an exterior painting job can be done if the air and surface temperatures stay above at least 35 degrees. It’s also better to do this in the morning when the sun’s out to give it an adequate amount of drying time throughout the day, especially since overnight temperatures often chill the exterior surfaces.

Painting Your Home’s Interiors

Painting the interior of your home during winter won’t be an issue since you can keep the inside of your home warm. But as painting specialists, we recommend that you ventilate the painted area by keeping the windows open. While doing this will protect you from paint fumes, the lack of humidity in the air will help the paint dry more quickly as well.

Other Points to Keep in Mind

It’s important that you mind the weather when doing a winter paint job. While the winter air makes it more optimal for drying the exterior paint, if you’re opening the windows to let in the air and dry your interior paint, you’ll likely increase your heating bill. This is due to the need in keeping your painters warm,, but you also need to keep your home above the required minimal temperature so the paint can properly adhere to the surface and dry properly.

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