How Long Does A TPO Roof Last?

How Long Does A TPO Roof Last?

Durability is amongst the topmost considerations when it comes to choosing the roof for your property. While other options do come with their pros and cons in this category, in contemporary times, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing is topping the list when it comes to single-ply membrane roofing systems. 

TPO roofs are ranked as one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing systems in the USA. As far as their durability (life) is concerned, TPO roofs tend to be more durable than their counterparts since they are made from a mixture of ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene. The structural arrangement allows the compound to cut over 80% of the sun’s detrimental rays, which doesn’t only prolong the life of the roof, but also cuts short the electricity bill by a major percentile. 

However, that’s just scratching the surface. This article will help you learn more about the lifespan of a TPO roof so that you can make a prudent decision when it comes to choosing the best roof for your property.

Longevity & Durability

If the checkbox for determining the quality of a roof is to be prepared, withstanding winds, preventing leaks, and resisting UV rays will rank as the topmost determinants. 

As far as TPO roofs are concerned, they tick all the boxes!

TPO is a single-ply membrane roofing that is quickly gaining ground, especially for commercial facilities. The primal reason for this manifestation is that a well-installed and well-maintained TPO roof can last for twenty-five to thirty years. 

Another added advantage in this regard is that the increased lifespan of TPO roofing benefits the property owners by helping them save the roof replacement costs that usually come with other types of roofs which don’t last for longer periods. 

A factor that keeps TPO ahead of the curve lies in its sheer ability to keep the interior cool by resisting ultraviolet rays and avoiding the penetration of outside temperature, ultimately maintaining the internal temperature. This ability helps the property owners by reducing the overall monthly energy bill. The longer the roof lasts, the more homeowners save. Since a TPO roof can last for two to three decades, you can do the maths to figure out how much it helps you save.

Water Repellence 

Water exposure drastically lessens the life of a roof. However, TPO membranes are considered waterproof materials. It has been proven that prolonged exposure to moisture or water won’t have any adverse impact on the solidity of a well-structured TPO roof. 

Moreover, and more importantly, properties situated in areas having severe weather conditions can make the most of TPO roofing since the roof lasts longer and is least affected by direct sunlight and seasonal rains.

All in all

The blend of durability, service life, styling, and energy efficiency makes TPO roofing one of the best options for commercial facilities. 

The commitment to roofing excellence has cemented TEO Construction as one of the best roofing contractors in the region. For more details about our roofing services, feel free to contact us or schedule a free consultation with our seasoned professionals.


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