James Hardie® Siding: Repainting Tips

If you have a James Hardie® siding system added to your home, consider yourself lucky as you have one of the best siding materials money can buy on the market today. These systems are known for their strength, design and longevity compared to normal options, such as vinyl siding. As such, you would want your James Hardie siding system to look good as new, and what better way to do it than with a fresh splash of paint?


Here are some tips and tricks on repainting your James Hardie Siding.

Preparation Stage

Traditionally, you would have to prepare a primer for your paint before applying it to your siding. This is not the case with James Hardie siding. All you have to do is simply clean the exterior walls with a garden hose on medium pressure to wash off dirt and dust, and wipe it off with a smooth towel. If time permits it, lightly sand your Hardie siding before rinsing it off to make your paint last longer.

Be sure to check your caulking before painting as well. Hardie siding comes with caulking that’s matched to your window’s color along with a 15-year warranty. You may want to replace the caulking if it’s nearing the end of their service life.

Choose Your Paint

Once you’ve made all the preparations, here comes the exciting part. You’ll finally get to choose your siding color! Aside from ensuring that your color choice matches your home’s exterior, make sure that you choose 100% acrylic paint as oil-based paint deteriorates easily.

If you have a James Hardie ColorPlus® siding installed, keep in mind that repainting it with an aftermarket color will void its warranty. To keep it intact, be sure to choose a painting material that’s approved by James Hardie.

You’ve made all the necessary preparations. You’ve prepared your

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

siding, and you’ve chosen your color. Now all that’s left is to choose your professional painting contractor. Be sure to work with a James Hardie Elite Preferred siding company like ours that can help you confirm if your siding choices meet the James Hardie manufacturing standards. Other than our excellent workmanship, you could always ask for a second opinion when it comes to your color choices and keeps their recommendations in mind if you want to consider them too.

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