Key Questions to Ask During a Window Replacement Consultation

The first consultation between you and a prospective replacement window contractor is the first crucial step in getting the right replacement windows for your home. This is the stage where you’ll gather information that will help you decide whether or not the contractor is the right fit for your project. Here are the questions you should ask during a window replacement consultation.

How do the windows work? 

It pays to ask how the replacement windows will work, even if you’re familiar with the type of window. While most window styles have common features, there may be differences in how they work. Some replacement window manufacturers offer replacement windows with removable sashes or offset hinges that make them easy to clean. If you do your own window maintenance, features such as these can make or break a deal.

Can I choose different interior and exterior colors and/or finishes? 

Your windows should work with your home’s color palette, both interior and exterior. This is easy if you’ve already decided on a neutral window frame color like white. But what if you need a color that’s not as common, perhaps, one that matches your existing trim? You can choose “unfinished” replacement window frames that you can paint after installation; however, this means you’ll have to repaint or refinish it every few years. You can also choose custom replacement windows, which may be costlier than pre-made windows, but will provide you more flexibility in your color selection.

Will the windows comply with current building codes? 

Every change to your home, whether it’s roof replacement or window installation, must comply with building codes. Bedroom windows, in particular, need to be at certain dimensions that allow for emergency egress. Your replacement window contractor should be knowledgeable with current building codes and should enforce compliance before and during installation. This is a key requirement, especially for old homes, as its compliance may already be out of date.


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