Planning to Replace Your Windows This Spring? Take These Steps First

Spring is the perfect time to replace your windows. With the warm and amenable weather, you won’t have to worry about letting in cold drafts and spending more on your energy bills, especially when you’re replacing several windows of your home. As the leading name for window contractors in the area, we want to point out what you need to prepare for when having the windows of your home replaced. Here’s what you need to know.

Furniture, Curtains and Blinds

If you have any furniture near the windows that you’re planning to replace, it’s best to set them aside to clear any obstructions. It’s also good to clear a path between your windows and your front door so that the window contractor won’t have a hard time working and delicately bringing your new windows inside. Make sure to also remove any curtains or blinds that are attached to the windows you’re planning to replace.

Surrounding Area

Caulk is used by most window contractors to seal windows and adds a layer of waterproofing and weatherization. But it won’t be as effective if the surface it’s applied on is not clean. Make sure to do a bit of cleaning surrounding the windows you’re going to replace so that dust and pollen won’t mix with the caulk. If you see any branches or shrubs that may impede the window replacement process, then it’s best to trim them down.

Pets and Security

Of course, it’s only natural to keep your pets away from the windows while they’re being replaced. You can do this by keeping them in a secure place either in or around your home – just as long as it’s far from the work. This is especially important since window contractors may not be fully aware of what they’re walking on, especially when they’re hauling heavy materials. If you also have a security system in your home, be sure that it’s deactivated, especially if you have sensors in your windows, so your contractor won’t accidentally trigger the alarm.


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