Tips on Preparing Your Home for Siding Replacement

You need to prepare for your upcoming siding replacement. Once you’ve chosen your siding options, secured funding and signed your remodeling contract, you will have ample time to prepare as your contractor prepares the paperwork and orders materials. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for siding replacement.


Remove the Window Shutters and Other Fixtures

Go around the house, and remove components that may get in the way of siding installation, such as user-installed shutters and similar fixtures. In some cases, gutter downspouts may also need to be removed. Doing this days ahead of the installation date gives you time to contact your gutter and shutter contractors to ask them how to safely remove these components. Shrubbery and other parts of the landscaping should be tied back or covered.

Trim the Trees

If you have trees on your property, there are many reasons why you should keep your trees trimmed with at least 10 feet clearance from your house. It helps prevent leaves and needles from falling into the gutters, it helps keep the roof clean, and it prevents small animals from gaining access to your roof. Doing this also helps siding contractors install your new siding easier during the project. If you’re unsure how to trim your trees without harming them, a local arborist can do it for you.

Clear the Lawn, Deck and Patio

Your siding installers will need to be able to access all parts of the exterior wall. This means you may need to move furniture, ornaments and other things from your lawn, deck and patio. Your siding contractors may also need the lawn space to store new material and dumpsters for discarded siding.

Remove Wall Décor

Remove framed photos, furniture and other items hanging on the exterior walls as there will be a lot of hammering on the outer side, which will agitate the walls during installation. You may also want to cover other furniture in your home with dust covers as well as vacuum a few days ahead to prevent dust from swirling about the house.

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