To Leave or Not to Leave While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

Practically every homeowner may face the prospect of working with roofers for a roof replacement at least once in their lifetime. 

Homeowners who have to replace a roof for the first time typically ask their contractor if they have to leave their home until the project is completed. Most contractors would say no, but it all depends. 

Why You Don’t Have to Leave

Your roofers will work on your roof for a few days, maybe two or three, but most roof replacement projects for an average-sized home hardly ever last longer than a week. If you and your spouse work, and the kids go to school, it’s fine to stay home as most contractors work on weekdays anyway. 

Why You May Have to Leave

There are some exceptions that might make leaving necessary. For example, if your roofing contractors find major damage that requires more time for repairs, they are likely to work a few days more. The same is true if a weather event gets in the way of the project’s completion. If delays like this happen, you can choose to stay somewhere else in the meantime.


Another reason is if you’re uncomfortable with the crew walking around as they work on your roof. There will be noise, dust and some debris. If this is too much for you, staying somewhere else is a good idea.


There are other reasons that might make you want to stay at your parents’ or in a hotel for a few days:


  • You work from home, and construction work is causing a distraction.

  • You have a baby or small children who might get upset with all the noise. Dust can also cause discomfort or trigger allergies.

  • You have a pet or several pets who are likely to find the roofing process distressing. You can take your pets when you temporarily stay at a different house. If you’re not leaving, you can ask someone to care for them until your roof is done.


As for your car, it’s a good idea to park it in a safe area on the opposite side of the street. You can also ask a kind neighbor if you can temporarily use their carport. Don’t leave it in your garage where a stray nail, tools or debris might land on it.


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