What Ice Dam Removal Method Should You Choose?

Ice dams are always a cause for concern. The ice deposited near the edges of your roof prevents water and melted snow from flowing to the drains, increasing the risk of leaks. So, how do you safely remove the ice dams from your roof?

Manually Chipping Away at Ice Dams to Allow Water to Drain

You don’t need to chip away at the entire ice dams – you just need to create a big enough opening for melted snow to flow to the gutters. However, most contractors wouldn’t recommend this method because you might inadvertently damage parts of your roofing system while chipping away at ice. Not to mention there are several safety risks involved.

Use a De-icer  

Calcium chloride is an effective de-icer. Fill a sock with calcium chloride, seal its ends, and place it in a position that’s perpendicular to the edge of your roof using a rake. However, if you have a garden, cover the shrubs with a tarp to protect them from calcium chloride runoff. Otherwise, some of the plants may absorb some of the toxic de-icing chemicals.

Call a Professional 

Removing ice dams is a lot harder than it seems. That’s why it’s best to let roofing contractors handle the removal of the snow dams.

How Ice Dams Are Formed 

If there are ice dams forming on your roof, you might need to have a roofer inspect your roofing system. Ice dams are formed when warm air manages to reach your roof through gaps in its roof insulation. The trapped heat increases the roof’s temperature, melting the snow on top. And, as the melted snow slides to the outer, colder edges of your roof, it freezes again, depositing ice at the roof’s edges.

Other possible culprits include inadequate attic ventilation and clogged gutters. But the only way to find the main culprit behind ice dams is to have your roof inspected by one of your local roofing companies.

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