What You Need to Know About Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is fast becoming the top residential roofing material for roof replacement projects, but not everyone is aware of its many benefits.

When it comes to metal roofing, clients often have many questions, but often find answers difficult to find. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about metal roofing.

1. Do Metal Roofs Cost More?   

Metal roofs do have higher upfront costs compared to typical roofing systems like asphalt shingles. However, you should consider the roof’s lifetime cost: metal roofs last up to 50 years while asphalt shingle roofs last 30 years at best. Metal roofs also require less maintenance and are more durable than asphalt shingles. The savings on repair and maintenance costs can add up over time.

2. How Long Will Metal Roofing Last?

Metal roofing materials like aluminum or steel can last up to 50 years and beyond. Other materials like zinc or copper have lasted more than 100 years. Granted, you will want to follow roofing companies maintenance guidelines to get the most life out of your metal roof.

3. Will a Metal Roof Rust?

Not likely. Metal roofs are specially designed with a metallic coating composed of aluminum, zinc hot dipped over carbon steel, pure aluminum, zinc or copper to prevent rust from forming. In addition, paint is factory applied over steel or aluminum to maintain a clean, healthy sheen for many years.

4. If I’m Reroofing, Do I Have to Remove the Old Roof Before Installing the Metal Roof?

Usually not if you’re installing the metal roof over existing asphalt, fiberglass or composition shingles (maximum of two layers thick). In most situations, the metal roof can be installed directly over the old roof.

5. How Long Will a Metal Roof Last?

The metal substrate should last you a lifetime as long as it has a good paint/protection system on it. Some metals may need to be refinished over time. Most problems that occur with metal roofs result from workmanship issues, and not from the product itself.

6. Is a Metal Roof Fire Safe?

A steel roof is the most fire-safe roof. Roofing contractors classified metal roofs as a noncombustible roofing material with a Class “A” rating – the highest rating given.

7. How About Resistance to Wind Damage?

All metal roofing products are very wind-resistant. Many styles have been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds, and wind warranties can be as high as 120 miles per hour (mph).

8. Are Metal Roofs Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Metal reflects solar radiation better than other roofing materials, which helps to keep your structure cooler in the summer. Metal roofs are also a perfect base for solar panel installation if you’re looking for more ways to reduce your energy dependency. In addition, metal roofing includes a percentage of recycled materials, and the roof itself is almost 100% recyclable.

9. Is a Metal Roof Noisy When It Rains?

No, metal roofs are not really all that noisy when it rains. According to most roofers, the noise levels of a metal roof are about the same as other roofing products, such as asphalt or wood shingles, or clay tiles.

TEO Construction specializes in standing seam metal roof installation. We cut and form all metal panels on-site. We offer the best quality in labor and materials with lifetime workmanship and manufacturer warranties. Give us a call today at (301) 494-8663 to schedule a free consultation with one of our metal roofing representatives.


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