How Can TPO Roofing Save Me Money?

Have you ever considered lowering your energy costs by choosing the right commercial roof? As much as 70% of the energy used in a building can be used for cooling and heating, depending on the type of building. Financially, this can be burdensome, and many roof options are inefficient.

If your building’s roof needs to be replaced, you can make some choices that will save your business some money in the long run. Consider some of these new options instead of wasting money each month on outrageous energy bills.

You might consider a TPO roof system if you are planning to replace your roof soon. Polyolefin is a thermoplastic material. Polypropylene is mixed with ethylene-propylene rubber to make this single-ply membrane material. 

Its high reflectivity of sun rays, strong materials, and durable design make it a highly effective barrier against the sun’s rays. Generally speaking, a TPO roof has a lower overall maintenance cost for the life of the building even though it may cost more initially.

TPO Roof Membranes: Things to consider

When you decide to get a TPO roof, you need to consider several factors. Among them are:

  • Climate – Hot weather can damage TPO roofing. Check your local weather conditions before purchasing one. TPO roofs will last longer if weather patterns are favorable.
  • Texture –Make sure that the texture of the roof membrane is smooth to avoid dirt sticking to it.
  • Dimensions – The thickness of the roofing membrane is an important consideration when getting a TPO roof. A thicker membrane will last longer and will be more resistant to tearing.
  • Welding – To ensure a good fit, the TPO roof you choose should be properly welded.

TPO Roofing Costs

TPO roofing costs fall into two categories. These are:

  • Cost of labor – Taking down an old roof and replacing it with a TPO roof will cost more than installing a new one if you are replacing an old roof.
  • Cost of materials – Costs of insulation and membranes are included in this category.

Can a TPO Roof Save you Money?

TPOs can save you money by conserving energy. What are the savings you can expect with a TPO roof? 

  • Costs of energy – Reduced energy costs are a benefit of TPO roofs due to their energy-saving features. The amount of savings will depend on your monthly energy costs. You will use an air conditioner to keep cool when it is hot outside. You won’t need air conditioners since the TPO roofing membrane is cooling. Rather than spending on air conditioning, you will put the money in your savings instead.
  • Costs of maintenance – TPO roofs are relatively inexpensive to maintain. Maintenance is also not necessary very often. As a result, excess money from your maintenance fund can be put towards savings.


When it comes to replacing the roof of your home or business, you have several options. TPO may not be the best choice for every project, but it should be considered for many due to its longevity, ability to control energy costs and overall ease of installation. 

Although you can only get a true estimate of TPO roof costs by contacting a reputable roofing contractor and requesting a bid, you can use a TPO roofing cost calculator to get a rough estimate. Contact us today to learn more about TPO Roofing.


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