Is TPO Roofing Expensive to Repair and Maintain?

It is an expensive business to own and manage commercial real estate. Building envelope systems are subject to continuous weather wear and tear, which can result in slow degradation over time or severe damage during extreme weather conditions.

In addition to budgeting appropriately for ongoing preventative maintenance, building owners need to plan for periodic replacement of building envelope components such as windows, facades, and roofs.

The Best Way to Preserve TPO Roofs

To maintain any roof, regardless of its material, a proactive and regular inspection program is essential. Property owners and managers must perform regular inspections. Contractors and consultants can assist you in developing and managing an inspection program if it cannot be done in-house.

The inspection and documentation of the condition of all roof areas are part of the program. 

Along with regular inspections, roofs should also be inspected as soon as possible after extreme events like hail or if there has been a lot of foot traffic, such as when installing new rooftop appliances, solar panels, or exhaust systems.

Identifying and repairing signs of damage as early as possible is essential for any successful roofing inspection system. Water gets into the substructure or other parts of the building through small cracks or holes in the roof. Even seemingly insignificant cracks or holes can lead to serious damage.

TPO Roof Repair and Restoration

All roofs eventually decay, but even an affordable option like TPO is expensive to replace fully, especially if it shows signs of damage earlier than expected. There are ways to extend the life of your TPO roof without replacing it if it is showing signs of burnout, water damage, or general age.

Patching any damaged areas is the first step. Create a waterproof seal using high-quality, flexible elastic cement. This is especially useful for repairing joints and flashings that are failing. 

This high-quality, water-based elastic cement has the advantage of lasting for a long time and being compatible with most other products. If you re-roof, you will not experience adhesion problems.

When it comes to large-scale repair and restoration projects, contractors need to provide a solution that provides a durable, waterproof membrane that protects your building and lasts for decades, so you can manage your capital expenses.

Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofs (FARR) can help you restore and even repair a TPO roof that has failed before its time. It provides a continuous, fully adhered surface that is waterproof and protects interior building systems.

Estimating TPO Roof Costs Easily

If property managers know the average cost per square, they can quickly answer the question, what is the cost of replacing a TPO roof? 

Below is a breakdown of the per square price ranges for quickly estimating TPO roof replacement costs. 

  • A small strip mall that is 400′ long and 30′ deep is shown in the example.
  • The roof surface area is 12,000 square feet when you multiply 400′ by 30′
  • Calculate the roof area by multiplying 12,000 by 100
  • Add $700 to 120 and then multiply $1,300 to 120
  • A new TPO roof costs approximately $84,000 to $156,000

It is possible to use this method to estimate the price of a new TPO roof, but the best way to know the cost is to get an estimate from a qualified roofing contractor. The prices of TPO roofs differ for several reasons. 

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