What Is the Average Life of TPO Roofing?

A properly maintained flat roof can survive for decades, depending on the materials. A built-up roof or modified bitumen layers can stay for 20 years. However, it all depends on how it is installed, what quality of materials have been used, and the atmosphere where it is located.

Since TPO roofing is much in vogue nowadays, this blog focuses on how TPO roofing sustains over its lifetime and the factors on which the average life of this roofing system depends. 

Without further ado, let`s get to it. 

Material Factor 

The materials used to form a flat roof significantly impact its longevity. A multi-layer built-up roof made of waterproof material, hot tar, and gravel has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Roofs made up of three to five layers of modified bitumen have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. However, these materials are hefty and may not be appropriate for every structure.

Weather Factor

A flat roof that is subjected to extreme temperature changes, severe breezes, and heavy rainfall may have a shorter life than the same roofing system in another location.

With temperature fluctuations, flat concrete roofing expands and contracts, putting additional strain on the flashing designed to prevent wind damage and leaks. Tar can also blister at high temperatures, leading it to wear out prematurely.

Structure’s Protection

Minor leaks on commercial roofs require fixing. If they aren’t dealt with promptly, it can endanger the life of the roof. 

Suppose an older roof has numerous patches and suffers additional impact or damage from pooling. In that case, replacing the roof becomes the top priority, as well as a liability. Hence, TPO roofs sustain the best when minor damages are dealt with as soon as possible.  

TPO’s Average Life

TPO roofs generally last as little as 22 years and 30 years. The two thermoplastic layers are attached to a polyester scrim for reinforcement, resulting in a single-ply to protect your roof.

TPO lasts so long because it is generally combined with a topcoat that reflects heat and light, decreasing the cooling strain on your building. The reflectivity also reduces UV light degradation, a major cause of early roof disintegration.

TPO sheets are joined together using electric welding to fuse the two parts, making a single long, continuous, watertight seam. To assure perfect welding, the stitching is promptly hand-tested. 

If installed by a highly trained commercial contractor who pays close attention to systematic seam welding and mechanical fastening around parapets and HVAC curbs, your TPO roof can last up to three decades.

Suppose the same commercial roofer performs yearly or semiannual inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs. In that case, the roof will most likely outlast all life expectancy estimates, providing you extra years to prepare for the next top.


The material used, structural constraints, and location of the business property may all influence whether a TPO roof lasts the typical lifespan of the material. To get the longest lifespan, any roof form must be maintained.

Any damage, such as blisters, cracks, punctures, or splits, should be patched or fixed as soon as possible by skilled specialists. Regular inspections and commercial roof repair allow any business property owner to keep their flat roof in good condition for many years.

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