Why Homeowners Prefer TPO Roofing Over Other Roof Systems?

TPO roofing is a material frequently utilized in the roofing business nowadays. It is being actively used by homeowners for both living and non-living spaces, and is being ranked by many roofers as the best choice for a flat roof.

Why’s TPO in currency? Here are 6 key factors that make homeowners choose TPO roofing over any other sort of roofing system.  


The most important reason it is favored above others is the low cost of TPO roofing. The cost of a 1500 square foot flat roof in the United States varies depending on the material utilized. While TPO roofing benefits are comparable to PVC roofing in energy efficiency and heat weldability, choosing a TPO roof is significantly more cost-effective in the longer run.


TPO roofing is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. To fulfill property owners’ aesthetic preferences, color variations such as white, black, and light grey are available. While a white roof appears to have the best heat-reflective and energy-saving features, TPO roofs are designed to be UV resistant regardless of color.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

TPO roofing membranes almost eliminate mold development, punctures, rips, and dirt collection. These roofs are flexible and allow for structure moving or settling. The roofing systems can easily withstand thermal expansions and contractions. Because algae and mildew development are infrequent on TPO roofs, it also doesn’t require any pressure cleaning – Something that is widely associated with the maintenance of other types of roofs. 

Effortless Installation

TPO roofing membranes’ lightweight sheets make installation simple. Because the sheets are broader, fewer seams need to be addressed. Property owners save money when installing a TPO roof because of the speed and convenience of installation. However, it is always recommended that high-quality roof installers are chosen for TPO roof installation since it requires to be welded and heated throughout the process of roof installation. 

Energy Savings

Due to the sheer reflecting quality of the membranes, homeowners choose TPO roofs. TPO roofing systems greatly cuts air conditioning expenditures throughout the summer since the structure remains comfortably coolThe TPO roofs also prevent heat from accumulating within the building, making it great for both summers and winters. 

Life Expectancy

TPO roofs can last for about 20 to 30 years, depending on how it is installed, the weather in which it is installed, and the quality of the materials used. 

One other factor is the novelty of the TPO roofing systems. While it is generally stated as one of the disadvantages of TPO roofs, it can be considered as an advantage since the roofing industry is continuously undergoing innovation and improvements. Experts suggest that with enhancement in the quality of the materials used in TPO roofing, the life expectancy of these systems can well overgo 30 years. 


When selecting a TPO roof, look for manufacturers who offer warranties and have a long track record of creating high-quality TPO roofing systems.

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