5 Common Winter Roofing Problems

As we spend more time inside during the winter, it is easy to forget that our homes are constantly being exposed to the elements. Damage to the roof can result in water damage, heat escaping, and unwanted critters entering your home through roof and attic. Read on to learn about the top five most common winter roofing problems.

Winter Storm Damage

Heavy snow and high winds can pose a significant threat to the condition of your roof. Snow buildup can put stress on the roof’s exterior as well as the internal weight-bearing structures. Melt from heavy snowfall can lead to water damage if it does not drain completely. Additionally, heavy winds can cause damage to shingles and gutters.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form when the top of the roof is warmer than the bottom portions of your roof, often linked to gaps in insulation in the attic. This causes snow from the upper roof to melt and trickle down to the lower portion of the roof. The water re-freezes, forming a thick, heavy layer of ice. This can cause significant damage to your roof and lead to leaks and water damage.

Damage from Tree Branches

Tree branches can be heavy and sharp, causing significant damage to your roof during a winter storm. Always check your roof after a winter storm to ensure that your roof is clear of any debris.

Damage to Flashings

Flashings are thin pieces of metal around areas like valleys, seams, chimneys, vents, and skylights. These help to direct water flow away from the roof. Damage to flashings from ice and snow throughout the winter can leave areas of your roof exposed to the elements and can lead to water leaks.

Animal Nests

Small animals like mice and squirrels may choose your roof to build their nest for the winter. This can cause damage to the condition of your roof, especially if the creatures nest in places that block water runoff. Additionally, if there are any cracks or holes in your roof these creatures will likely find their way into the warmth of your attic.

The colder months can be tough on your roofs, so it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the roofs throughout the winter season. Giving your roof a thorough inspection before the first snowfall can help to identify any areas that may need cleaning or fixing. A roof that is in good condition helps to keep moisture from snow and ice out, while keeping warm air inside.


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