A Guide To TPO roofing: What It Is And Why You Need It?

When your roof is asking for a replacement, one of the options in roofing products with the quickest market growth is the single-ply Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane. TPO roofing systems, which can be utilized to cover flat roofs, are composed of a single layer of synthetic materials and reinforcing scrim.

With its naturally reflecting surface that deflects UV rays, TPO has become widely accepted in the industry and as a pocket-friendly option, it’s a great bang for buck!


The insulation is put after the existing substrate has been cleaned or the old roof has been removed. You’ll have a few insulating alternatives to pick from:

The most popular form of insulation for roofing applications is polyisocyanurate (Polyiso), which is more expensive but has a higher R-value rating.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is utilized for roof, wall, and floor insulation since it has the highest R-value per dollar. EPS is suitable for ground contact and does not accumulate moisture.

Polystyrene extruded (XPS) – In terms of cost and performance, XPS lies between Polyiso and EPS and is typically identified by its blue, green, or pink tint. XPS has a perm value of 1, making it semipermeable.

The TPO membrane can be mechanically fixed to the cover board or joined together using a bonding glue. The contractor returns after the membrane has been rolled out to use a hot-air cannon to fuse the seams together.


Installing a conventional single-ply membrane commercial roofing system typically costs between $3.50 and $7.50 per square foot in materials and labor for an ordinary 20,000 square foot commercial roof.

You must take into account these important elements in order to get the finest rubber roofing prices:

  1. Size, condition, and accessibility of your roof, 
  2. Insulation, membrane, installation, and roof penetrations,
  3. The warranty type

To get a free estimate of costs of TPO roofing for roof replacement as well as the perk of lifetime warranty- you’re welcome to TEO Constructions where we’re just a call away!

Why is TPO roofing a good option?

A commercial single-ply membrane roof has a 30-year lifespan if installed and cared for appropriately. 

You get a choice for Insulation – Because single-ply membrane roofing does not take insulation into account, there are more alternatives available to you as a customer to insulate the roof of your premises.

By using fire retardant chemicals throughout the production process for business premises, TPO membranes can obtain Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class A fire resistance designations.

All considered

Be it business or your home, if you’re serious about insulation of your roof, TPO roofing is the way to go for roof replacement if you’re dealing with a large area to cover and are running low on budget. 


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