Roof Replacement Instead of Roof Repair

The signs of a roof replacement can often mimic those of a roof repair, making it difficult to figure out when you need either service. Signs such as missing shingles and leaky gutters are common culprits for both and will likely send you into confusion. Fortunately, roof replacement experts have helped compile the following guide, detailing instances when a roof replacement would be ideal.

You Have Recently Encountered Weather Damage

While roofs are designed to withstand all manner of extreme weather conditions, events such as tornadoes, hail, and strong wind will often be hazardous and could lead to significant roof damage. If this happens, a roof replacement will be suitable, allowing you to fix irreparable damage with a new roof.

You Need To Improve Your Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal will play a significant role in fetching a high price during the sale of your home, making it an essential part of your investment. The roof, to be exact, plays a critical role in improving the aesthetics of your property, allowing your house to stand out on the market.

A replacement will come in handy here, allowing you to get rid of any worn out parts that could downgrade your investment’s worth. Roofing professionals can also help install customized replacements, allowing you to have a uniform theme for your property’s exterior.

You Want To Save on Long-Term Costs

While roof repairs will help you eliminate the upfront cost of a roof replacement, they will often accrue multiple expenses in the long run, increasing your maintenance costs. If you regularly experience water damage, clogged gutters, and loose step flashing, a roof replacement will give you the long-term relief you need while saving recurring costs.

Your Roof Has Started Sagging

sagging roof is a warning sign that your roof is nearing its end and will need a replacement instead of a repair. Failure to get a replacement could result in its collapse, causing harm to your loved ones. To avoid this, ensure that you get help from certified roof experts, allowing you to get peace of mind and guaranteed longevity of the new installations.

Contact TEO Construction for Your Roofing Needs        

If either of the above options describes your current state, TEO Construction is the partner you need. Our roofing experts can help replace your roof with state-of-the-art installations designed to last through the years. If you also need to perform roof inspections to assess the damage, contact us today for a thorough assessment and consultation. Our roofing services are customized to boost the structural integrity of your home.


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